What Is Alexa? How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

Alexa Ranking is the most important for every blogger and in this article we discuss What Is Alexa and How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast.Alexa plays very important roal in every field in blogging and it have more priority after Google page rank because if you have good alexa rank than your blog get so many advantages like easy to get direct advertisment because most of the advertisers look alexa before advertise.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast

And most of the people gives Alexa ranking most priority these days.Alexa ranking update daily or weekly accourding to your visitors.


What is Alexa And How It Works 

Alexa is the Web Information Company which gives rank to every blogs according to their traffic and pageviews. lesser rank is better for every blogger.

Alexa Works on traffic estimates which comes in your website which passes their systems and if you have Blogging or Technology niche ranked better than the others blogs.lets move to the topic How To Increase Alexa Ranking Fast.

Tips To Increase Alexa Ranking

1.Claim Your Website on Alexa

The First Thing you do claim your website if you claim the alexa can track your website eaisly.Claim your website just register in alexa.com after that just put your blog url than you got your unique alexa verififation code put in your website and verify.

2.Install Alexa Tool Bar

Just install the alexa toolbar it helps to tracking them and it also help you to see your website alexa ranking or alexa links.Download Alexa Tool Bar

3.Alexa Widget On your blog

You Need To add Alexa Widget On your blog which help you the most and most easy way to increase alexa rank and helps the alexa to track your visitors easily under their system.

You Can See
4.Traffic matters Lot

If you have a good traffic on your blog than automatically your blog achieve good ranking but if your blog having  who are bloggers than your alexa ranking fast because they installing alexa widget on their browsers.

5.Write a review about Alexa

link to Alexa.com while write review about Alexa on your Blog.

6.Quality Content

Never Copy Content From Others Website You Never get Good Alexa Ranking If you Have copied Content always be unique and create fresh article.

7.Create backlinks

You Can Create Backlinks  by comments on others blogs which have high page rank because alexa track your website backlinks which you have and backlinks also helps you increase your blog visitors.

  • Update your blog regularly
  • Write quality posts
  • Share your Articles on Social Networking sites
  • Never Copy Content From Others Website
  • Never Use Shortcut



I hope this article How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast helps you and your blog. If you have any problem you can ask via comment.

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