NoSQL Database Solutions – 5 Types

First of all, we express our gratitude to our partner – Squadex – Consulting CompanyNoSQL solutions is surely a perfect alternative for RDBMSs. Various database models of NoSQL can be used as a brilliant tool which will serve your purpose in a far better way than RDBMS for the design philosophies and architectures. It has five different types.

  1. Key Value Stores:

In case of such type of database data is stored as the hash table having a pointer and a unique key for the particular item regarding data. It is kind of same as the traditional tables of hash which allow retrieval and storage of data by the help of keys. It is a very simple data model and it is scaled incrementally. However, if the quarries are regarding the value then this model may not be suitable. It will also not be perfect for storing the details of relationship between data.

  1. In memory Key Value Stores:

In memory Key value stores will surely deserve a different category as it is designed for minimizing latency for compromising the capacity through holding data inside the memory. In case of large but slow database this type of database solution is effectively used. It will not be considered as a replacement of RDBMS. It will eventually work along with the RDBMS solution. By the utilization of the multiple nodes this key value store will scale for the higher capacities.

  1. Document stores:

With this kind of database store you will be able to manage and retrieve data like documents. You can take the document same as the rows in case of traditional RDBMS. Documents are free from schema. It means that different document will have various types of schema and structures which will differ from one another. Each document will have a specific id and because of this it will refer and embed to another document. In case of advanced structures also document store will be supportive.

If you take an example CouchDB takes documents in the format of JSON. It will allow support for arrays and fields like it does in case of C++ or C.

  1. Graph Databases:

In case of such database the data is going to be stored as graph structure. You will find the utilization of properties, edges and nodes which will store and represent data. If you want to do graph or analytics data, this kind of database is surely going to help you a lot. As now a day the marketing related to social media is becoming popular more and more the significance of Graph database is becoming more and more important as well.

  1. Column stores:

You can compare this database solution with the key value pairs. You will use the keys and those will differ which will point to various columns. Every column will get identified by a different timestamp, value and name. Well, there is a difference between key value pairs and column stores. In case of column stores it is optimized for handling data along with the columns. It will surely provide better chance of analytics. In some cases, column stores can also be considered as the solution between key value stores and traditional RDBMSs.

So, with these five types of database solution of NoSQL it will be easy for you to handling different kinds of data in a very easy and effective way. You will surely be able to analyze data in more accurate way if you use the right type of database for the analysis.

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