Secure Your Facebook By Enable 2 Step Verification

Facebook Come With New verification process to make you account more secure.This is the the best thing launch and it helps most of the people because their are there are thousand of account hacked day by day and almost all  people in india even he is minor or major having his facebook account. This Guide helps you secure facebook account . Recently facebook launches 2 step verification it mean while you login in your facebook account you go through with two step verification and after reading this tutorial you know how to enable two step verification in facebook . In our recent article we discuss about how to check facebook profile visitors . If you read that i hope it helps you.lets come to the topic this 2 step verification is not in all countries.

How Facebook two step verification Works ?

When you login in facebook normally they ask password for login in your account but when you login after enable two step verification in facebook they ask randomly generated password set in your register mobile no. than you need to put that code in that after that you can access your account.

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How To Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook

For Enable and Secure Your Facebook By Enable 2 Step Verification In India you need to change the proxy because this featue is not availabe in india thats why we tell you how to change proxies and you need to use other country proxy. To change proxy of your computer you need to get firefox and you need to open it now go to Tools > Optiions> Advacned  and click on Settings

Than you need to click on Manual Proxy Configuration than you see the option http you need to write proxy here.If you want proxy than you need to use you need to go hidemyass and than select best proxy but after use change to default.

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When you enter proxy now go to facebook account than open Security settings .Now you See Login Approvals their. If you not get that option than something went wrong in proxy.Than You need to change proxy.

If you got that option click on and you get a popup Than click on Get Started to activate

Select Android, iPhone receive code directly to your smartphone and if you to receive code by sms than choose other option.

Than put your mobile no. and facebook sent a security code put that code and you done :D

Final Words

Now you can save your facebook account with this tutorial How To Enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook. You Can Use This to enable 2 Step Verification In Facebook in any county and if you have any queries you can as via comments.

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