Top 5 Women Safety Apps For Android And IOS Must Know

Today we share some best women safety apps for android and these app is also available for IOSwhich you can use to became save outside and we all that Throughout the world crimes rate against women are  constantly rising. The fear of crime or any sort of misshaping  is always present. There  are some apps discussed below which might be helpful in immediately alerting friend and family members in case you feel unsafe specially when there is no one to help you with immediate effect.

5 Women Safety Apps For Android And IOS


Available on android, blackberry, window phone 7.
This app works for emergency reporting and alerting by sending phone calls to your contacts along with the name, current real time GPS location and indoor location within buildings during an emergency. It contains various type of  emergencies options such as “stroke” or “walking home alone” etc.
It provides instant two-way communication with safety group and private securities, 911 authorities.
It also consists of  an option in which you can include user personal information such as height, weight, eyes/skin/hair color, birth date, blood type etc.

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Available on iphone and android
It is very distinct app from other security service apps as it allow users to take and upload photos of their harasser with their stories on
The images and story about harasser can be shared so warning others about the harasser and the area in which harassment occurs which is marked with pink dots and incident of
bystander intervention is marked with green dot.
Resource section consists of tips on how to respond to harassment.
Hollaback is part of an international movement which aims to end street harassments.

3.Fight back

Available on android, nokia phone and for other java supported phones.
This app uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, email and facebook to inform user’s selected family and friends about the emergency.
It sends SOS emergency text and user’s location on google map.
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Available on iphone, android, blackberry.
User sends an emergency message to users selected contacts. These contacts of user will receive text message with a link to a map showing user’s location via GPS plus you can assign a contact who will receive both a text message and also a phone call.
It also contains many other options like fake incoming call; inform parents whenever their child adds a new contact.

5.Circle of six

Available on android and iphone.
This application allow user to add 6 contacts who will receive one out of three preprogrammed text alert message which automatically include user location.
This app also contains two preprogrammed hotline numbers and a local customizable number.
Final Words
With These Women Safety App you can use it for your safety all above apps have different features which helps you. When you Download Use Full app features of these app and if you like than keep the app. And we hope you like this women safety app for android and ios.

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