5 Best Launcher App For Android Download For Free 2015

Now you can customized and give anew look to your smartphone with  these Best Launcher App For Android and you can download it for free and we share some free launcher for android. Android is an OS where You Can Do Any thing with your smartphone like customization and personalize your smartphones per your needs  that’s why most of the smartphone user use android use android OS there are many reasons of using android like games like you get  Free Recharge Apps For Android  and this is one of the best reason for using android because you get Launcher App For Android and customized your smartphone. Some user got hang problem while you install these launcher because of low ram so you have to check Increase Ram In Android Phones

Ever Android User Want to change their android interface and we collect android launcher app free download. Every Smartphone user want to change default interface to new interface because user get bored  to use old interface and want to use new. You Get Lots Of Android Launcher in google play store but some launcher not give an attractive look to your phone but we share some best Launcher App For Android and you must know about to download best apps for android

Best Launcher App For Android Download

Go Launcher EX

This Is One Of the Most Popular launcher in app store because they provide lots of themes to their user for customized theirs phones that’s why this app is choice of more than thousands of people and provide thousands of themes this launcher provide lots of features like smooth flipping and transition effects, 20+ fancy effect and much more and it is available for free download Go Launcher EX .

Google Now Launcher

This Is The Launcher Provided by the google and you know the quality products they are made and now they come with this launcher and this launcher having lots of cool features from which you can feel it in your smartphone. Google give voice command features to users like ok , ok google to open voice input like you say send a text message  to go messages to send.Download Google Now Launcher.

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Honeycomb Launcher

Honeycomb launcher converts your whole interface in your phone.This app so mach one click touch features. Like you can call and text a message in just one click like set alarm in just a single click and Lock Screen with just one tap on the Honeycomb cell and the best thing is that you get this launcher for free in google play store.  Honeycomb launcher.

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Smart Launcher 2

Smart launcher is one of the most  innovative launcher and the name of this launch is also cool and is also cool as the name and enabled with lots of design and this app having user-friendly interface and i think this app is different from all other launcher in play store. Download Smart launcher.

Next Launcher 3D

This app change the whole interface and change to 3D and don’t be afraid you not need any goggles 😀 . This app is 3D dynamic effects but if you want to break down time limits you need to upgrade it.This theme enabled with 3D themes and live wallpapers download Next Launcher 3D ..


Final Words

If you want to customized and want new interface in your smartphone than you need Best Launcher App For Android and you can download above app for free.All these android Launcher is the best and we get these from thousand  of launchers.and if you he one of the best and you think it is a best than share in comments.

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