How To Remote Access Computer From Android Phone

Now you can access and use you computer with your android phone and this is a very simple method to know How To Remote Access Computer From Android Phone. Their are so many reasons to access computer from android smartphone. Often we keep switching between our android and our pc. There are such situations when we are out of our home/office and we need to access our desktop pc.Their are so many best apps for android  We can do this stuff by using our android phone with the help of apps given below.

Remote Access Computer From Android Phone

Remote Access Computer From Android Phone

Although most of us have androids phones but still we need access to our pc as our android device cannot perform all the things which our pc can. So what should we do in this kind of situation? So we are here to discuss about how to access your computer from an android device.An if you don’t have an android device to access computer you can check best smartphone under 10000.



It is one of the most trusted app. It is used by millions of users around the provides easy , convenient, fast remote access to mac, windows system. We also recommend this app as the one the best in accessing your computer.
How to use

  • Firstly install this app from Google play or from teamviewer’s official website on both in your computer as well as in your android phone.
  • Start teamviewer on your computer.
  • Then note the computers teamviewr ID and password.
  • Then enter the above noted id and password of computer’s teamviewer in your android device.
  • The steps given above will enable the user to access their computer from their android device.

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  • This app allows remote access to Windows, Mac, Linux computer from your android phone or iPhone.
  • Accesses HD videos, audio, document, files, games, application.
  • File can be transfer in both direction i.e. pc to phone and phone to pc.
  • It gives security using 256-bit AES session encoding, 2048 bit RSA key exchange.
  • It works behind firewall and proxy servers.
  • Wake-on-Lane feature help user so that computer has not to be left open all the time.

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Pocket Cloud Remote

  • Allow access on windows or mac computer with the help of iPhone, ipad, touch iPod over internet.
  • It is compatible with RDP or VNC connections.
  • You cannot access two computers at the same time with single phone.
  • Access your picture, documents, files, games, applications (such as excel, word, Photoshop, outlook and other applications).

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  • Install process- install this app on your iPhone and then install pocket cloud companion on your computer desktop.You can download your pocket cloud companion form Google market.
  • To make connection via Google app engine user need to enter his Google user name and password into pocketcloud app software on android and on computer.
  • It works behind firewall.
Final Words

Now you can Remote Access Computer From Android Phone we share some tips from which you can run your computer and command you computer with your smartphone and if you want any help you can ask via comment and if you have some new than share with us.

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